Looking To Buy A New Home?  “MAKE SURE YOU ARE REPRESENTED  You need a Licensed Realtor Professional To Represent You

There are many new Home Developments located throughout Central Florida especially areas we service and can represent you. When it comes to buying a new home please be aware that the sales person at each development does not represent you or your interest they solely represent and work for the developer. You will need a real estate REALTOR® professional that will visit the new development with you and act as your buying consultant while looking out for your interest including revising the sales and purchase contract presented to you by the developers sales person. We will also verify and identify any incentives or benefits for you while analyzing the local exterior market that might affect or impact the future of your NEW HOME market value or market condition. 

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We have consulted many buyers in the past when buying a new home and have written blogs on the fact plus guidance on buying a new home whether luxury, town home or condo. Please click on our NEW HOME BUYERS GUIDE a very informative blog to get to know the new home buying experience. It is great insight before you buy your next NEW HOME and understand why you will need us to represent you.  


As local real estate REALTOR® professional new home buyers representative we affiliated with our Local Orlando Regional REALTOR® Association members we are part of the NEW HOMES web site that collects data and information on NEW HOMES for sale. This way you can visit the map areas, the details of the new homes and their current asking prices. As local real estate new home Realtors the developers reach out to us from time to time with New Home inventory of homes that had contracts to close on a specific time and the deal fell through or left over inventory that has not sold yet. These inventory homes at times are not place on the active property web sites or even placed back on their marketing platform. These New Constructed Homes are great deals and are sold at times below the original sales asking price and could be a vert GREAT DEAL for you and we can identify those types of New Home Construction inventory for you. So visit our NEW HOMES web site at the CLICK HERE below. This will help identify the area you are most interest in. The type of NEW HOME you are interested in with details and information on each of the Developer’s NEW HOMES. Then reach out to us to help you set an appointment and represent you when we visit the NEW HOME sight together in the purchase of a new home.

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